• Lace Dress + 10 Dresses for Girls Night Out

    Any sexy Lace Dress could be a girl’s best friend! A deep red wine lace dress can be very mysterious and sophisticated. Who doesn’t love that beautiful deep color? Is a great substitute for black .. very slimming yet less sombre.

    No matter the color you wear these are a few examples of how to rock and rolling any girl’s night out!

    Would you Dare to Wear?

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  • HOT All In White

    Ok let’s face it … who doesn’t love a simple summer white fresh dress? We are obsessed with these sexy hot looks perfect for any spring/summer day.

    Ruffle up with this V neck asymmetrical white dress or get ready for that white cocktail party to shine all night long in our sexy party white dresses.

    Would you Dare to Wear?

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  • 10 Best Valentines Day Gifts for Her

    Finding the perfect gift for your love one can be a struggle.
    We listed a few great gift ideas to please her.

    Is always great to surprise her with a very elegant dress!

    Truffle chocolate for a sweet tooth!

    Women love to be sexy and this white dress is absolutely stunning for any event.

    Diamond are always welcome!

    Beautiful roses to make her smile!

    Movie tickets for a romantic date night!

    Fuji Camera to catch all the important moment!

    Classy Sexy Dress for a sophisticated woman!

    Dinner in 2 for a romantic woman!

  • Be My Valentine

    What to wear this Valentine day it shouldn’t be so stressful!
    These are 10 sexy outfits to rock the world of your love one.
    Dress up for that perfect the night from the romantic dinner to the fun dance floor and you will look hotter than ever and very sophisticated.
    Would you Dare to Wear?

  • Denim Art, Acrylic Techniques

    How to make wearable art?
    Simply clean up your closet, get the oldest pair of jeans and bring it back to life.
    You can paint anything from nature to faces to abstract art mix and match with leftover fabrics, beading, laces and many more.
    Our way of creating wearable art is to paint beautiful images on denim jackets and preferably bell bottom jeans.
    Painting on jeans can be done with both textile paint and/or acrylic paint.
    Acrylic is bold and creates a strong colored painting and textile paint is more fun, glitzy and natural.
    But we prefer bold colors!
    Feel free to let that wild part our of you and create stunning images, portraits, cartoons, memes and many many more.
    Ones the painting is done let it dry for about 6 to 8 hours, wash the jeans inside out and voila!!
    You got yourself a cool, original idea and look stunning and fashionable at any time!